Diane Cowen, Architecture and Design Writer for Houston Chronicle

Diane Cowen is the architecture and design writer for the Houston Chronicle, where she’s worked since 2000. In her more than 30-year newspaper career, Diane has worked as both a reporter and editor in Houston as well as at newspapers in Indiana. She is a native of Indiana and a graduate of Purdue University. She is the author of the 2013 cookbook, “Sunday Dinners.” Diane and her husband, Steve, live on a small lake in Seabrook, Texas.
Diane’s presentation will be: Great design – more affordable and accessible than ever – can turn any house into a haven. Trends and ideas to help you update or re-invent any room in your home.
If any room in your home just isn’t working, bring your issues to Houston Chronicle architecture and design writer Diane Cowen. She’ll help you find solutions to common problems, including easing transitions into new homes or reinventing rooms in the home you’ve lived in for a while. Bring floor plans and/or photos and an open mind.

To take your home – or any room in your home – from ordinary to extraordinary, you first need to know your style. Houston Chronicle architecture and design writer Diane Cowen will lead a Design 101 workshop to help you zero in on what you want your home to look like and how to mix the right furnishings to achieve it.

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Diane’s Schedule:

Saturday 12:30pm and Sunday 1pm

Home Design Workshop: Identify your Own Style Aesthetic and then Learn the Essentials for Taking any Room in your Home from Ordinary to Extraordinary’  Diane Cowen, Architecture and Home Design Writer, Houston Chronicle