You relax, iMOW. See the NEW iMOW™ Robotic Mower.

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Enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn with little to no effort using the STIHL iMow™.

With the STIHL iMow™ robotic mowers you enjoy your lawn without doing any of the work! These smart mowers will quietly and efficiently mow your lawn for you. They automatically mow on a regular basis and can handle thick, rough grass and slopes up to 24 degrees.* Depending on the model used, these mowers can handle from ¼ acre to one acre with a durable, double-sided steel blade, adjustable cutting heights and high-performance STIHL battery technology. They feature automated and customizable features such as intelligent hood sensor (allowing the iMow™ to work around solid objects), flexible programming, automatic charging and more! It is serviced by specially trained STIHL iMow™ Dealers who will customize it specifically for your yard. With this smart mower, you relax, iMow™. “iMow™ can be tailored to a homeowner’s lifestyle and schedule, adding customizable convenience to mowing,” said Brian Manke, product manager at STIHL Inc. “The user tells iMow™ when to mow — while at work, while the kids are at school, at night while sleeping — and then enjoys a great-looking lawn.”

Round-the-Clock Mowing Made Easy.

Robotic mowers make mowing easier and provide a virtually maintenance-free alternative to traditional fuel-powered mowers. STIHL iMow™ comes standard with an integrated battery and outdoor docking station.