Home Easy

Inspect. Maintain. Protect.

Make caring for your Home Easy!

Home Easy LogoHome Easy is more than just a monthly preventative maintenance plan that keeps your home, appliances, interior, and exterior in top operational condition; it’s a homeowner’s secret weapon for living stress free. The plan is for both new and older homes and includes routine tasks and services performed by our team of experienced and insured technicians every month, saving you valuable time and keeping money in your pocket.

How it Works

Home Media MaintWe provide detailed monthly home inspections combined with important services such as replacing air filters, cleaning air filter screens, replacing smoke/CO2 alarm batteries, replenishing septic/lavatory chemicals, and more. From year-round inspection to seasonal maintenance, we do the work so you can focus on enjoying your time at home.

Home Easy is a team of home maintenance experts that do the routine work that most homeowners overlook or simply don’t have time for. Our years of experience have showed us that although homeowners tend to believe they can handle the time and energy it takes to do all these important tasks, most quickly realize they don’t. That’s why we provide affordable monthly maintenance plans that catch problems before they get worse so families don’t have to. We even provide concierge services on an as-need basis and have a customizable option for monthly maintenance contracts, all designed to alleviate a homeowner’s busy schedule and save them money on things they actually need. 

Our goal is to make proper home maintenance simple and highly available to everyone, thereby cutting back emergency repairs and strengthening home values by keeping them in top working order month after month. By exercising a maintenance schedule designed to extend the life of their home components and appliances, homeowners can truly save thousands of dollars in untimely repairs.