Dr. Lori Returns to the Fall Home & Garden Show in The Woodlands!

Discovery channel’s hit TV show Auction Kings presents Dr. Lori’s Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show. Bring your antiques for a free appraisal!

drlorilargeAward-winning television personality Dr. Lori is back for her third consecutive appearance at the Fall Home and Garden Show. The author, syndicated columnist and Discovery Channel star is a true crowd-pleaser, offering antique appraisals that double as comedy routines.

Free antique appraisals will be available as part of Dr. Lori’s one-of-a-kind presentations, and attendees of discoveryauctionthe Home & Garden Show may bring their prized antiques, or photos of their pieces, for her to evaluate. Attendees are cautioned to arrive early since the time for appraisals is limited. There will be two sessions daily and four total during the weekend of the show. Every show is different and totally unscripted. And whether you have an item to be reviewed or not her sessions are very entertaining and informative. “I’ll break some hearts, I’ll make some millionaires” says Dr. Lori. Appraisals are free to show attendees and on a first come first saved basis while time allows.

Dr Lori with Vase“I’m not an antique dealer, reseller, or affiliated with any auction house and my evaluations are straightforward and honest,” she said.

Dr. Lori said the inspiration struck to help people while she was working as a museum curator. She met a 75-year old woman, who had an appraiser offer her $50 for a historic document relating to George Washington. She took his offer, not knowing what the piece was really worth. The “appraiser” turned out to be a dealer and later sold the document for $50,000.

“Since that woman could have been my mother, I decided to go out and educate the public about their antiques,” she said. “That was more than a decade ago and ever since, I have informed America about their heirlooms in a smart, straightforward and funny manner.”

DrLoriSessionDr. Lori has uncovered thousands of dollars worth of antiques from past show attendees including an illuminated manuscript of Spanish origin that dated in the 1500s and a painting purchased at a yard sale for $12 that turned out to be worth $100,000!

As she entertains, Dr. Lori will provide tips on how to sell your unwanted stuff for top dollar, learn the secrets of auctions, negotiate to find bargains, and why you should NOT host a yard sale!

Dr. Lori always had a love of history thru objects. The youngest of three daughters, Dr. Lori was affectionately known in her family as her father’s “son.” As a youngster, she enjoyed going fishing with her Dad, watching baseball games and hunting flea markets and yard sales for antiques that would end up in her #1 favorite spot — her Dad’s garage.

This inspired Dr. Lori to earn several academic degrees in history including her Ph.D. from Penn State University. Her internationally syndicated column is featured in The Woodlands Lifestyles & Homes Magazine and 406 newspapers worldwide and on her blog for Lifetime Television. Dr. Lori resides in Bucks County, PA.

Dr. Lori With BurnerNow, Dr. Lori travels the world, appraising approximately 20,000 objects each year. She regularly appears on Discovery Channel and Lifetime Television, telling people the truth behind their antiques. She has also been featured on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and NBC’s “The Tonight Show.”

Tony Wood, president of Texwood Shows, Inc. and producer of the event said Dr. Lori is the highlight of the show’s strong speaker slate.

“This fall’s show is so much more than the usual home and garden show,” he said. “Dr. Lori is such a wonderful addition to our line-up. She just offers a wealth of information and she’s a blast!”