Buffalo Barn Doors

Buffalo Barn DoorsBuffalo Barn Doors is an American owned company based in Houston, Texas. We go all around the country finding only authentic reclaimed wood in order to bring you the best materials and doors you’ll find anywhere.

We go to great lengths to find reclaimed wood sourced throughout the US.  It is not as convenient to buy as the wood found in your neighborhood home center but the wood found there lacks character, uniqueness, and History.  Much like a piece of marble the natural beauty found in aged reclaimed wood makes a statement on its own. 

Reclaimed WOodReclaimed wood is environmentally friendly as it isn’t grown on farms to be cultivated.  It was once cut down 100 years ago or more but it can be repurposed for another 100 years.  The aging process creates character and color that is impossible to replicate.  We find the History of the wood to be one of the most interesting characteristics. 

We have sourced wood that has come from disassembled distilleries to an old home that was found to be a part of the underground railroad.   There is truly History in every reclaimed wood barn door we make.  We believe that is one of the greatest appeals of having an Authentic Reclaimed Buffalo Barn Door in your home.

BenchsWe started with doors, but quickly our passion for building authentic quality procuts grew.  We thought we would try our hand at some benches and they quickly became one of our favorites.  We start with 1/2″ by 4″ solid steel plate to fabricate the framework.  Next we add in a 3 1/2″ thick by 18: deep wood seat.  From split beam cedar to reclaimed oak, the options and designs are almost endless, just like all of our products.  This one will last more than a lifetime.

Wood PanelingOur reclaimed hardwood paneling is authentic 100 year old siding sourced all over the US from barns, Factories, distilleries, and homes.  There is something about wood aged by nature and time that can’t be duplicated.  You can see the history from the old time lumber mills carved into the wood face and the patina where weather has left is mark.  The uses for this material can be seen in homes, restaurants, and retail spaces bringing history back into new spaces.