J Schwanke - The Flower Expert

 A True Flower Celebrity, Author, Award Winning Speaker and the Most Trusted Voice in the Flower Industry.    

About J Schwanke
J Schwanke PhotoFourth generation florist J Schwanke is a flower expert, flower content producer and professional speaker, known throughout the flower industry and beyond. He is regarded as the most trusted voice in the flower industry. (He was actually born at a flower convention!) His website, uBloom, offers flower fans everywhere the opportunity to learn and experience the fun of flowers and flower arranging, 24/7!

J’s passion for flowers is far-reaching and infectious. J is the author of Fun with Flowers – Your Guide to Selecting, Arranging and Enjoying Beautiful Flowers, published in 2014, which received a Living Now Book Award. His latest book, Bloom 365 – The Essential Guide to Arranging Flowers Every Day, features 365 tips, tricks, and techniques for flower arranging.

Fun with FloweruBloom.com and J Schwanke Productions

Schwanke is the CEO of uBloom.com, the first online community for flower fans, created for both professionals and enthusiasts. J is the the host and producer of the web broadcast flower design show, Fun with Flowers and J which can be viewed online at uBloom.com. The show’s predecessor, JTV, was the first of its kind.. His company, J Schwanke Productions produces videos, trend publications and books aimed at the general public and flower professionals alike