Chef Conor Moran

ConorFireDiscGrillChef Conor’s culinary influences are as diverse as his family roots and choice of adopted home towns across the globe. Born and raised in Houston, TX with Irish and Italian family roots, ChFDG_rustic_red_logosmallef Conor has honed his culinary palate while living in the far reaches of Cairo, Egypt and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Moran, having worked in a multitude of restaurants from the young age of fifteen, has learned to create delicacies in just about any kitchen type, from Houston’s upscale Lomonte’s Italian restaurant to streamside using a Firedisc®.

His experiences leveraging all levels of cooking apparatus set the stage for development of the Chef-Tested/Chef-Approved® protocol.

Chef-Tested/Chef-Approved® QA Protocol:
BChef Conor Moran of Fire Disc Grillrief sampling of Chef Conor’s grueling test protocol endured by every FireDisc® Grill:
- Heat level testing is conducted to insure unit will attain proper cooking levels for all methods including grilling, searing, frying, sauté and stir fry – in sterile, outdoor, windy, cold, and humid environments.
- Heat retention testing is conducted to insure unit will retain proper temperature loss levels for all common products to be cooked on – products tested include beef, chicken, pork, fish, and vegetables.
- Heat retention cooling testing is conducted to insure that the unit reaches a room temperature of 75 degrees F (24 degrees C) with 30 minutes from its highest heat setting.
- Durability, versatility and consistency
- Trust – ranges from environmentally conscious and sustainable business practices to support from FireDisc® staff.

Video: FireDisc® Grills Executive Chef and Renowned Culinary Expert, Conor Moran, Sets New Industry Quality Standard with Chef-Tested/Chef-Approved Quality Assurance Protocol

Chef Conor – Recent Houston Broadcast TV Segment: Video from KPRC Houston TV